Company EL-NIZ d.o.o. Pićan more than 20 years offers installation supervision, aluminium welding and complete installation and commissioning of diferent types of bus ducts.

We are able to prepare maintenance programs, solutions for improvements as well as to perform all acctivities up to finalizing.

We are present on the sities worldwide with our experts who are trained, experienced and familiar with site conditions. Our personal is familiar with safety requirements and procedures and are able to comunicate on few world languages.

We have experience on installation and commissioning of LV and MV cubicles. We are specialized for installation and commissioning of equipment supplied with bus ducts:

  • generator circuit breakers (GCBs), earthing switches and short circut switches.
  • pressurization systems and anticondensate heaters inside ducts and cubicles,
  • neutral point cubicles with corresponding equipment,
  • voltage and current transformers and over voltage protection,
  • partial discharge sensors,
  • bus duct temperature monitoring, etc.